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Founded in 2002, Hemtom is specialized in manufacturing high-end appearance models and functional prototypes. We continually provide you with impeccable products and experience by investing in advanced facilities, skilled talents such as finishing researchers and detailed customer service management.
  Our Core Values  
  Why choose us?   
    Endless pursuit for high quality.
    Solutions that take our customer in mind
    Commitment to research on latest techniques
    Treat projects on a unique case by case mindset
    Utmost confidentiality
     Consistent quality                          Extensive experience
     Understand your needs            Advanced technology
     Short turnaround time        永利皇宫1788的网站  Wide material options
   永利澳门娱乐场248.cc  Unique finishing service
     Long-term cooperation with enterprises

Our Facilities 
Hemtom invests tremendously in updating our equipment to the most advanced level. See more details about our equipment.
Our Projects 
How do we manage your project and why we can ensure your satisfaction? Here is another video for you to find out how CNC machines work .
Applications of Our Services 
We offer a broad range of services for numerous applications.
Our History 
Hemtom has been dedicated to making functional prototypes and presentation mockups since 2002. See more details about our history.
Meet Our Founder 
Hemtom was founded in 2002 by Chinese engineer Yang Cheng. Once an industrial designer, Mr. Cheng knows the importance of a good model.
Meet Our Team 
Hemtom’s technical and customer service team accompany you to realize your design.
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    进给速度 X×Y×Z轴快速挪动速度 m/min 50m/min×50m/min×56m/min
    切削进给速度 mm/min X、Y、Z轴: 1mm/min~30,000mm/min *7

    刀具交流工夫*5   Tool To Tool:08sec
    Chip To Chip:1.4sec
    Cut To Cut:1.2sec
    精度*3 轴的双向定位精度(ISO230-2:2006) mm 0.006mm~0.020mm
    mm-永利澳门娱乐场248.cc 0.004mm不到
    位置定位精度   0.005mm/ 300mm
    反复定位精度 mm ±0.003mm